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Jr Red Skyking TricycleJr. Pink Skyking Tricycle  Blue Sky King Tricylcles

Grab everyone’s attention with these beautiful replicas of the 1936 orginal Sky King Trikes. With these trikes, younger riders between the ages of 2-6 years old can now hit the road. Child safety is #1 priority and only high quality material and lead free paints are used.


Brum Pedal CarPink Princess Jalopies


These pedal car are timeless classics that are sure to make heads turn See their eyes light up when they take their car out for a ride. Your speed racer will be cool kid on the block with these beautiful shiny pedal cars.






Published by

Jack's Toy Store

Ready take a blast to the past?! Then check us out! We have a large selection of retro pedal car, planes, trains and more. If your looking for retro tricycles? Don't worry we have those too. Your little one will jump for joy when they take their first ride. But wait there is MORE! We have stuff for grownups too! Have a bar, den, or office you want have some fun with? We carry retro bubble clocks and classic coolers to add that special touch. We also carry retro coke machines for that man caves. So come check us out!

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